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Movies & TV

What To Watch On Netflix

Looking for new shows to watch? We are in the heart of the hiatus season. Instead of changing the channel, take a look at 8 Gems from Netflix.

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Best Bods In Cinema History

Did you know that after Brad Pitt’s performance in Fight Club, many actors complained because Brad's wash-board six-pack stomach in the film made it a prerequisite for...

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12 Best Times the Word “F*ck” Has Been Used in a Movie

Out of all the words in the English language, none are a satisfying to say as Fuck is. We say it when we’re angry, happy, and when we really mean it. But you and I are...

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Have You Checked Out The 2016 Emmy Nominees Yet?

Thanks to all the Netflix binge watching (and Netflix and Chilling of course), television shows have never been more popular. You can say we’re in the golden age of...

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Celebrity News

From Great To Hate. How Fast Can Trump Turn On Someone On Twitter?

If there’s one thing that’s consistent about Donald Trump, It’s that he’s constantly inconsistent. Famous for saying one thing, then the next minute, another....

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14 Big Celebs Who Are Actually Really Small

Being vertically challenged is one of the worst things about being a guy. A genetic fate made even worse when you’re swiping dating profiles and seeing the girls...

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11 Celebs That Used To Live On The Streets!

Nothing is more inspiring than a real-life rags-to-riches story. A person who is so down on their luck, they’re homeless – only to turn their life around into fame...

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12 Celebs Who Never Got Married And NEVER Wanted To

Marriage. A dying institution that’s fast becoming an antiquated notion - what with all its dysfunction and divorce these days. In fact, if any other institution had...

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Music & Movie Reviews

Things About Katy Perry That We Don’t Know

What do we know about Katy Perry other than the usual stuff. Here are 8 things about her that we're sure you didn't know.

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Lil’ Wayne and Jamaican Junior Reid to Collaborate on New Single

Lil' Wayne has expressed his optimism about collaborating with legendary Jamaican Dance Hall superstar Junior Reid in the song entitled “RappaPomPom.” It been a long...

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Game On! The Best Playstation 4 Titles Ever

If you're planning on buying new games for your PS4, then take a moment to check out our favorites. New games are hitting the store shelves faster than you can keep up,...

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Justin Bieber is Still Very Popular: But Why?

If you have been wondering what happened to Justin Bieber, then wonder no more. The star has been around for ages now, and while some of us may not admit it , he is...

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